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We're looking for unique brands who wish to make smart clothes.
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Upon approval we will send you a welcome kit including sensors, thread & textile data ribbon. Follow our tutorial on how to attach sensor and data ribbon. Any clothes you design will work with the Bonbouton smart clothes platform.

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Make smart clothes

designed for conventional apparel manufacturing

First you will sew two lines with conductive thread and sew the textile data ribbon to the lines. Then you attach our sensor in the form of heat transfer label. Make a button hole somewhere near the textile data ribbon to hold the electronic button. This electronic button contains microprocessors, other sensors and Bluetooth module

No need for developers

We've created a collection of applets that are designed for specific use cases. In the next release, you can customize your own user expience by combining applets. With template features, you can make the app fit into your specific branding needs.

OEM solutions for graphic designers

You can buy blank smart tee shirts from us and print your own graphics. Our premium grade tee shirts are made with organic cotton for soft feel. Our bodies are cut for fashion with slim fit. Small minimums are OK. 1000 pcs if you want to make your own custom body spec.

Pricing Plans

Suggested beta testing prices as below for cloud hosting your custom applications. We reserve the right to change the price after product is launched

  • 1 Gb Storage
  • 1 Applets
  • 1-100 Users
  • Free Support
  • 10 Gb Storage
  • 10 Applets
  • 101-1000 Users
  • Free Support
  • 50 Gb Storage
  • Unlimited Applets
  • Unlimited Users
  • Free Support

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(917) 553 2028

175 Varick St.
New York, NY. 10014

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