Smart clothes, wiser humans.

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From the French translation of "good button", Bonbouton is a smart clothes platform that lets the user measure and track vitals as well as activity in a comfortable and unobtrusive manner.

Body Temperature

Breathing Rate





How it works

We have a patent on graphene thermal sensor. The first of its kind and ideally suited for use in textiles. We use traditional apparel manufacturing and offer the user with comfort and unobtrusiveness. The difference bewteen this and your current clothes would be hardly noticed.

We put the electronics into a button, one of the oldest technologies next to the wheel. This allows the user to swap different smart clothes from your wardrobe and allows standardization for brand partners to make clothes that match your personal taste & style.

Services as applets

We've created a collection of applets that are designed for specific use cases. Whether you wish to track basal body temperature for ovulation tracking, post-surgical monitoring or as early warning of health risks. Or perhaps you would like to monitor your child's fever from the office browser. Smart clothes can do all this and more.

Our open API allows 3rd party developers to create applets that may have nothing to do with health. Micro weather stations on jackets, dresses that learn how often its worn and then order its own dry cleaning. Smart clothes allow these things to be possible.

Click and scroll the phone. Try it!

Monitor your childs fever

From a remote location

Track basal body temperature

While you sleep

Automate life logging

As a daily activity

Are you a fashion brand or developer interested in smart clothes?

If you would like to create your own branded smart clothes that work with the bonbouton platform, or, develop applets for the bonbouton applet shop, then please request a welcome kit.

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