We develop smart insoles to detect diabetic foot ulcers before they happen

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From the French translation of "good button", Bonbouton provides comprehensive preventive health solutions leveraging wearable graphene sensors and connected software.

EKG sensor


Electrocardiograms measure the heart's electrical activity and help develop a more complete picture of a person's risk profile.

Pressure sensor


Tracking foot pressure can enable people to take action before high risk wounds develop.

EMG sensor


Our EMG sensors measure muscular contractions to screen athletes for overall fitness and provide feedback for physical therapy and general performance.

Temperature sensor


Temperature has a high correlation with the development of foot ulcers. Our graphene sensors can alert a patient before the onset of a problem.

How it works

Shoes, one of the most basic elements in our daily lives, are potentially lifesaving tech for people living with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, thanks to Bonbouton’s smart insole.

Our patented graphene sensors lie under a user’s feet, measuring for differences in foot temperature and pressure —indicators of inflammation that may lead to debilitating foot wounds and even amputation— so that people living with neuropathy, their physicians and their loved ones are empowered to make a timely, effective intervention.

Connected software

We are developing a suite of services that will ensure that each person has the information they need to understand a potential developing medical situation clearly, and when action is necessary, that they have a clear and actionable role to play.

Doctors see what is going on for their patients and can give proper instructions easily. People living with neuropathy can understand the risk and urgency of the situation and take appropriate measures, and that other people in their lives are connected and understand how they can offer support.

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